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The Chang Ling Lee Award

The Chang Ling Lee award is presented at the Spring meeting to an individual (Blood Bank Physician, Supervisor, Technologist, Researcher, Administrator, Donor Recruiter, Nurse, or Educator) who is an outstanding contributor to Transfusion Medicine in Illinois.
Criteria for selection include:

  • Significant contribution to Transfusion Medicine research, teaching, clinical practice, or management Publications and presentations in the field
  • Service to local, state, national, and international blood banking organizations
The awardees must practice blood banking in Illinois, and is expected to provide a keynote lecture at the meeting on a blood bank related topic that is appropriate to the format of the meeting at which the award is made.
The award carries with it a substantial honorarium and awardees will receive a plaque.
Members are solicited by nominations.
The Executive Committee will discuss each nomination and select the awardees by a simple majority vote.
Chang Ling Lee awards need not be made every year.

The Chang Ling Lee Nomination From: PDF for .DOCX

2018 Chang Ling Lee Award winner – Sandra Smietana


Chang Ling Lee Awardees

2018 Sandra Smietana
2017 Dickie Nichols
2016 Robert Braun
2015 Ann L. Viernes
2014 Sharon Gordon
2013 Dr. Bruce McLeod 
2012 Veronica Nichols Lewis
2011 Ram Kakaiya, MD
2010 Mohammad Pothiawala, MT(ASCP)SBB
2009 Phillip DeChristopher, MD, PhD
2008 Richard Sassetti, MD
2007 Roland Lonser, MD
2005 Glenn Ramsey, MD
2002 Jim Perkins, MD
1997 Steven D. Sosler, MS, SBB(ASCP)
1996 Oscar Behzad
1995 Alan Hoffstadter, MT(ASCP)SBB
1994 Lucia Berte MA, MT(ASCP)SBB
1993 Phyllis Unger, MT(ASCP)SBB
1992 Armando Orlina, MD




The MEMBER-FOR-LIFE award is presented at the Fall meeting to an individual who has performed outstanding service to the organization. Awardees are selected by the Executive Committee. This award entitles such individuals to enjoy the benefits of membership without paying yearly dues; they are still responsible for individual meeting charges. MEMBER-FOR-LIFE awards need not be made every year.

Member-For-Life Awardees
Sandra Smietana
Robert W. Braun
Ann Tiehen
Phyllis Unger
Michael Desmond
Alan Hoffstadter



ARO Award Research Grant Program


The purpose of the ARO Award Research Grant Program is to promote and recognize excellence in research by the statewide SBB and Medical Technology students in Illinois. The award is designed to encourage students to explore a topic that is relevant to transfusion medicine and to endeavor to become the subject matter expert in the topic that is selected.


The applicant must be an individual who is attending a SBB or Medical Technology/Technician school at the time of application. Post-doctoral students engaged in furtherance of transfusion medicine science also are considered eligible. The applicant must be a resident in Illinois and be a student at an institution located in Illinois.

Type of award

The selected awardees will receive a grant in cash of $800. 00. For each cycle, up to two awards will be given. Award is given once per year. Submission of application

Application must be submitted by March 1st to:
ILABB President
(Please contact ILABB President for more details regarding the submission requirements).

Review of application

ILABB President will identify and recruit subject matter experts from the State of Illinois to assist in the review of the applications. General criteria that will be applied to review the applications include the accuracy of the research entry, demonstration of the understanding of the subject matter, relevancy of the topic to transfusion medicine, clarity and organization of the application, and the appropriate use of bibliographic citations. The reviewers will make the recommendations to the President. The President will present the reviewers' recommendations to the ILABB Board and the Board will make decision regarding which application, if any, should be awarded research funds.

ARO Award Pamphlet download
ARO Award Application download

2015 ARO Award winner - Jules Zinni


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